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The automobile industry is indeed one of the strongest industries in India, equivalent to the strength of technology and manufacturing industries in the country.

With the economy being getting retained in its position, the car manufacturing and the car sales have seem to be growing with the positively progressing economic activity. According to the statistics report of Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), the number of passenger vehicles production have considerably augmented in the year 2009-2010 form 1, 838, 593 of last year to 2, 351, 240 in the current situation. This clearly brings out the strength of domestic cars production and the demanding market for the same. Definitely Maruti Suzuki tops the list of bestselling car manufacturer in India, and undoubtedly the largest domestic car manufacturer in the country whose targeted segment is the middle class category people and indeed they have succeeded winning the market by its affordable models, Alto, Swift, and WagonR. The success story of Maruti till date is because it has delivered the cars which have proved economic favor to the customers, besides earning fuel and mileage credibility.

The next giant in the middle class segment is the Tata Motors’ Tata Indica, which has got its sales estimated to be around 111, 250 in the fiscal year 2009 and it is available both in diesel and petrol modes. They are continuously upgrading the versions of Indica, like Indica V-2, Indica Vista, etc… to compete in the dynamic market and to win the customers’ interest too. However, the list becomes inefficient without Hyundai’s i10 model, advertisements of which are featured by the Bollywood celebrity, Sharukh Khan. Its sleek, sporty look in addition to its compact size has won people’s hearts, and recently been updated with high power engine, delivering 80ps at 5200 rpm with improved, economic features of fuel too. Further, Hyundai’s first car model, namely Santro has already proved market success with its optimal mileage attributes, besides peak power and cutting edge engine, etc… and has accomplished a sales record of around 91, 400 in the year 2009.

Well, apart from the affordable car segment, expensive cars market too have done quite above average, around the rate of 25% every year. You could see the BMW 530i and 760li models, and Rolls Royce Phantom V 12 models, Daimler Chrysler’s Mercedes Benz C and E class models too, besides the middle range expensive car categories, like Skoda, Toyota’s Corolla, Audi, etc… India’s car market is booming in all angles, and its automobile industry is growing every year with huge production, in addition to the huge exports that are done every year under this cadre. Recently in the year 2010, the expensive car company, namely the Volkswagen group company, the Bugatti Veyron, has launched the most expensive car, the ‘Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport’ with starting price from Rs. 16 crore, which is considered to be the biggest expensive car to hit the Indian roads, till date. The Rolls Royce have been the most expensive car category in the country for a long time, but it is evident that the Indian car market is getting exposed to all kinds of car types and models, which vividly marks the increasing living status of people, which is in fact portrays in a good beginning.

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